The Xmas countdown

This past week has been a bit of a mix between insane and idle. Tuesday I was up early to pick the final deigns for my new Marisota collection, which I am so excited about! It’s all new colours and shapes, as well as a couple of pieces I know you all love from previous collections but with a twist. I’ll keep you posted with details of when it’s going to be out, but for now have a look at the winter styles now in, with many amazing pieces on sale too

After my meeting I attended a fantastic lunch with the QVC Breast Cancer Auction winners Francine and Angela at the Sanderson Hotel, which was very glamorous – and very delicious! We knew a glorious afternoon gossiping and discovering how many people we had in common. Francine has also set up her own charity in the north of England, making wishes come true for children with cancer, it was a truly inspiring afternoon.

That evening I went to the opening of Pippin at the Chocolate Factory with Abi, which was nothing short of sensational. The cast were outstanding, and I would recommend you to go and see it asap. It was lovely to see so many of my friends up on stage, backstage, and in the audience. One face in particular I was thrilled to see was the Director Mitch Sebastian, who was in Starlight Express Japan way back in the early 80’s. The story goes that after months of Skate School and rehearsals, he fell and broke his leg 5 minutes before the curtain went up on opening night! Also the divine Francis Ruffelle who was in the original Starlight Express in London was starring in the show, and as always it was a dream to watch her perform. It was lovely to see my dear friend and fellow choreographer Anthony Van Laast in the audience, and we sat through the interval talking dance dance dance. All in all it was a brilliant show full of supreme talent and astounding visual effects.

Wednesday I was up super early to get to the dentist before Wizard of Oz auditions, where I was for the rest of the day until it was time to dash home and get ready for the Macmillan Christmas Stocking Auction. Again I had a wonderful night with Abi as my date, and a great catch up with the talent that is Rick Astley, wow what a voice that man has!

Thursday and Friday was spent relaxing in the country, eating delicious dinner and catching up on sleep, a lazy couple of days and I loved it.

Saturday was the opening of Border Books in Leominster and there I was signing copies of my new Dance to the Musicals book, and I was really overwhelmed by the turn out. I know I always say it, but I love to get the chance to meet all of you, and thank you all for your continued support. Here’s a link to the book’s website with news and info That evening was very exciting as I was linked up by Skype to the Xtra Factor to judge Dermot’s dancing, and I have to say he was nothing short of brilliant, if in confidence only! Really though he did a great job, and I really enjoyed being on the show.

By the way, my office elves have been busy teaching me the tricks and clicks of Facebook, so my NEW fanpage is now: so head over there now and click LIKE to keep up to date with all my pics and competitions!

Sunday was the long drive back to London, and the rest of another lazy Sunday before the next week of craziness began. Monday was another early wake up call to get in to hair and makeup for my appearance on Live With Gabby, which went really well. I was on with Jai Mcdowall who won Britains Got Talent, and boy has he got talent! He was singing in the studio, and I had goosebumps from his beautiful voice. I will definitely be buying his album, and I wish him all the best of luck with it. I was home for a few hours in the afternoon with Coco to catch up on emails and Christmas card writing before I headed over to the QVC building for my Jewelry show, which I am thrilled to say went really well. A third quick change later and I was on my way to a special screening of the Downton Abbey Christmas special at a cinema in the West End, and it was utterly brilliant. I’m actually excited to watch it all over again at Christmas! In true Arlene tradition I didn’t stay too long at the party, as I was shattered from the day and it was a busy week ahead…

So until next time…
Love Arlene x

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