Dancing in the Kitchen

Hi all!

So how has everyone’s week been?  I’ve been busy busy (of course!) since I last checked in, so here’s what I’ve been up to…

Wed was great day, starting with an interview on BBC Radio 4 for Midweek.  One of the other guests on the show was the very fabulous chef Antonio Carluccio, whom I was quizzing for cooking tips, and we had a great talk all about the benefits of beetroot! I then went and made made a total mess of the kitchen on Drop Down Menu which I mentioned last week, so much for the cookery tips!  A late night catch up with Coco ended the day, and I wanted to get a good sleep as I was not looking forward to Thursday morning…

I had the dreaded flu jab and the pneumonia jab at the same time!  Ugh it was horrible, pain in both arms, I spent the rest of the day working from home feeling a bit sorry for myself, and I didn’t sleep a wink that night. Poor me!  

Friday I had a lovely morning spent being creative with the gorgeous David Grant, and a gossip filled girls lunch in Hampstead with my dear friend Francesca Simon of the Horrid Henry books fame, a quick phone interview with Womans Own magazine, and a fabulous afternoon of well deserved pampering getting my hair and nails done. A blissful day all round I think.

Saturday was really exciting as I was doing a reading from the Alana Dancing Star books at the Royal Academy of Art, surrounded by my favourite paintings by Degas.  I felt honored to be asked to hold an event there, and I’m thrilled to say how well it went, and enjoyed by adults and children alike.  After the reading I did a Q&A session with Debbie Moore about dance, and there were some really inspiring questions from the audience about the future of dance.  I had a wonderful lunch with Debbie and the lovely Jennifer Frances who works at the Royal Academy, and then it was part two of the event about my new Dance to the Musicals book, which invited lots of intriguing questions…

On Sunday I had a wonderful lunch with Frances Ruffelle and her family, and my daughter Abi.  Frances and I go back a long way, in fact to the very first workshop of Starlight Express, and we laughed over lunch when she reminded of all her falls and of mine too. Abi and Frances’ daughter Eliza Doolittle of course gossiped about fashion and all things young and fabulous.

Monday was an early start for my appearance on The Wright Stuff, and somehow I managed to get my timings wrong, so when I told Alana to be at my house to start hair and makeup and half seven it’s because I thought the car was coming at eight.  No such luck, the car was coming at half seven to arrive at eight!  Poor Alana was literally throwing makeup on my face so I could arrive at least looking half ready, a few touch ups in the car and I was fresh and fabulous on arrival.  I had a great time with Matthew, and the other guests Miriam O’Reilly and of course my darling Craig Revel Horwood.  I made my way back to the office for an afternoon with Coco and several phone interviews about my new book, and before I knew it it was time for bed. She does work hard that girl! 

A couple of things before I leave you, I’m thrilled to say that the DVD of Midnight Tango is now out, and also there a a couple of signed copies of Dance to the Musical still available from QVC, so get them before they go! 

Love to all
Arlene x

One comment on “Dancing in the Kitchen

  1. hillymarsh says:

    I loved your blog Arlene…….you are such an inspiration………..I love to dance myself, all the latin dances and modern jive, argentine tango and ballroom……give myself a headache sometimes because there are so many steps to learn………I have met the most lovely people in the past seven years I have been working towards medals and as far as I am concerned its the most enjoyable form of excercise and expression. It’s lovely to hear what you have been up to in your life and it seems as if you enjoy every minute………good for you…………<3

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