From Cheltenham to LA…

Hi guys.

So this blog took a bit longer to post than usual due to unbelievably busier than usual week, and what’ more exciting is that I’m posting from LA!

Last tuesday began with a great shoot and interview for the Daily Mail talking about my new Dance to the Musicals book, with me wearing my Marisota clothes and my QVC jewelry it was triple Arlene! It’ll be out on Sunday 29th of Oct, and as for the book that’s out on the 3rd of Nov! After that was a couple more interviews and then home for my usual quick change routine and it was off to the very fabulous Children in Need charity dinner in Battersea Park. It was a really incredible evening, with amazing performances from Charlotte Church and Texas, as well as a celebrity game of A Question of Sport hosted by the brilliant Nick Hancock. It was also lovely to catch up with the gorgeous Mark Ramprakash and the ever charming Anton Du Beck, and a thoroughly wonderful evening was had by all, topped only by securing the winning bid in the charity auction for the Eve Arnold photo of Marilyn Monroe.

Wed was another packed day, starting with an early morning filled with lots of interviews again about my new book. A yummy lunch meeting at the Covent Garden Hotel, a Wizard of Oz production meeting in the afternoon, a trip to the Faber offices to see the latest on the Alana Dancing Star series, and all finished off with a delicious family dinner cooked by my partner. Phew!

Thursday was a much needed catch up morning with Coco, going over various projects and replying to emails, gossiping and getting all current affairs in order! That afternoon I had my QVC show which is always great fun to do. I love going on air as I get to interact with the viewers, and as you all know I love to hear your feedback and I’m so glad you all seem to be loving the new collection.,1.class.UKMC0CIY.level.3 A quiet night at home with Abi and lots of sushi was the perfect end to the day.

Friday was a hilarious day of auditions for the new Wizard of Oz cast, as there was a power cut so I spent part of the day watching dancers in the dark, or running to the boxing gym next door as soon as it was free because they had large windows and some light! Boy that was a long day, but what an amazing amount of talent! It’s so exciting to know the show is going to continue on at such a high standard, and again if you still haven’t managed to see it make sure you do, it’s so magical.

Saturday I headed off to the Cheltenham Book Festival where I was hosting two events, the first with my Alana Dancing Star books. As usual the response from the children was so overwhelming, and now for all those of you that are on Twitter you can follow Alana and her magical adventures at @AlanaDanceStar! The second was with my new Dance to the Musicals book, where Strictly’s Darren and Lillia joined me in front of a sold out crowd to do a Q&A. It was such an amazing day overall, and I want to thank all those that came for your support. It was also great to catch up with Darren and Lilia, as I have to admit it’s been a while since we’ve really had the chance to get together due to our ridiculous schedules! You can see pictures from the event on my official facebook page, and if you want to ‘like’ me that would be great too!

After arriving home very late Saturday night I was once again up at the crack on Sunday, although this time it was actually to go to the dentist as it was the only time I had available! It was – although I feel very guilty for saying – straight back to bed for me afterwards as after the week I’d had, and the week I had ahead I needed my rest!
Seeing as it was a 4:30am start for me Monday morning, I pretty much did nothing all day and it was heavenly.

Make sure you read my blog next week to hear all about the start to my week on Sky Sunrise news, and the many other exciting things I got up to… and of course my fabulous trip to LA!

Till then
Love Arlene x

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