Smoke and Mirrors

Hello again!

So I left you last week with a teaser about my first ever panto appearance, and what a hilarious experience it was… I’m going to be playing the Magic Mirror in Barnstable’s production of Snow White, and so it was off there I went on Monday to film my part! Yes film! I was all dressed up in a fabulous green and purple headdress and collar, and spoke only in very clever (or so I thought!) rhymes. I had so much encouragement from all the creative team, they really helped me get in to character as I’d never done anything like this before, so to say I was nervous was an understatement. I also met all the kids who were going to be appearing, and what a talented and enthusiastic bunch they were. I do hope you can all get to see it this christmas…

Tuesday I was back at This Morning talking about the headlines with Holly and Phil that included the verdict on the Amanda Knox case what a difficult case and for a parent to lose their child, devastating. Then onto Jodie Marsh’s new and supposedly improved body. I say supposedly, as I think to turn your body around to that extreme in such a short space of time can be dangerous. If it is as she says all down to hard work and training then good luck to her, but personally I’m not sure I believe it. Once I had finished on the sofa, it was a dash across town to get to the SENSE Awards, a lunch I was hosting to honour those that are or work with deafblind people. It was so amazing to see how many different forms of communication there are. The achievements of everyone there were humbling. It was a very moving day, and something I was so proud to be a part of.

Wednesday was a long but very exciting day. It started off choosing the finalists for the Tesco Mum of Year awards. Other judges there were Michelle Mone, Emma Forbes, Denise Lewis, Liz Jarvis and Tara Cain. I was totally blown away by what some of the women nominated have done, and let me say that choosing the winners was possibly one of the most difficult things for all of us. As a single mother for the first 6 years of Alana’s life I understand the pressures that some of the women have been through, and even those with families who have achieved incredible things made me very proud to be a part of the process, and I cant wait till we award the winners next year. After I had finished there it was back home to get ready for the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show at the Grosvenor Hotel Ballroom that evening. I was the host of the show and it was such an emotional evening, to be surrounded by so many strong and brave women – and men – who have beaten or have yet to beat this terrible disease. They walked the catwalk like true professionals, shared their triumphant and yet heartbreaking stories, and joined together to raise money and spread awareness of breast cancer. I had a truly incredible evening, and would like to thank all those that came and supported the event.

Thursday was a somewhat less emotional day, just lots of catching up in the office with Coco, and a very fabulous lunch and gossip with some very close friends from the BBC. It was an early night for me though as I was up bright and early to head back to the This Morning studios, this time to discuss being an older mother, versus the other two guests who both had babies at 14, and a second at 16. It’s something I feel very strongly about, as being a mother is about having the knowledge and life experience to help and guide your children through their life, and I can’t imagine what a 14 year old has to offer in that respect when they have so much life ahead of them to live themselves. After finishing at the studios I headed into town for meetings withe Jeremy Sams, the director I worked with on the Wizard of Oz, and then Phil Edwards who I have known and worked on shows including Starlight Express since way back in the early 80’s! A lovely family dinner to finish the day and another early night, two in one week lucky me!

So I can’t actually tell you yet what I was filming over the weekend, but my clue is that it was a recipe for disaster… Until next week…

Love A x

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