Phantoms and Fabulousness

The week started crazy busy as usual, with Monday a blur of emails, phone calls, diary planning and catching up in the office with the amazing Coco, so it was tuesday that it all really began. The day started off meeting up with my wonderful co-producer on Midnight Tango to talk about the release of the upcoming DVD, available in stores from the 14th of November, all very exciting! I spent the rest of the day getting last minute presents for Abi who’s 21st was on Thursday, but more about that later…

Who was up bright and early on Wed to see me on This Morning talking about Monogamy! I was having a debate with a lady who believes that bringing a third person into a relationship keeps it going. I have to say I’m sure many of us have a ‘past’, but as far as I’m concerned when you say “I do” it’s just about two. It was lovely to be on the sofa with Phil and Holly, and also to see Coleen in the news hub after – and afterwards the messages were flying in on the subject! As soon as I’d finished on air it was off to an early lunch with my dear friend Stacey Haynes, whom I have mentioned before. Whenever we get together we can barely speak for laughing so much, and of course this lunch was no different. It was 2 fantastic hours of gossip and hysterical giggles, and I hope it’s not as long till the next time we get together. I think I must have overdone it somewhat at lunch as I was due to attend the opening night of the new West End musical Rock of Ages that evening, but by the time 6:00 had come round I was feeling more than dreadful. I was sad to miss it, but I’ve heard really great things about the show and I’m so looking forward to seeing it soon.

Thursday was a crazy, special and insanely busy day. Most importantly it was Abi’s 21st birthday, my how time flies! Seeing as I had a morning full of unavoidable meetings I left it to Alana to organise the first part of the day, and she took Abi off on a mystery birthday morning out, while my first meeting was at home with David Grant, voice coach to the stars to talk about an exciting upcoming new project I hope to be able to tell you about soon… Then it was on to a very exciting meeting about my new underwear collection for Marisota, followed by several quick interviews about my upcoming book, phew! Then it was over to Mayfair for a family lunch at Nobu, which was nothing short of divine, and a real treat. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating birthday cake and watching Abi open her presents, until it was time to go off to the theatre to watch Wicked, which was truly amazing.

Friday was another round of interviews and press for the book, until it was time to get ready for the wedding of the year, my dear friend John Partridge and his boyfriend Jon. I can’t say too much about it though, you’ll have to wait till their fantastic copy of Hello comes out, but what I will say is that it brought tears to my eyes, and it was a thoroughly beautiful day.

Saturday was Henley book festival, and to al those of you that turned up but couldn’t get a ticket I am so sorry, I had no idea it would sell out like that! There’s some pictures form the event up on the Alana Dancing Star website so have a look… I really hope whoever couldn’t get in to Henley will come and see me at the next reading at Cheltenham on the 15th October, as you know how much I love to see you all there. I’ll be appearing at the kids festival in the morning
Then in the evening I’ll be talking about and signing very exclusive copes of my brand new book Dance to the Musicals which isn’t even on the shelves yet!
Sunday was a truly spectacular day. It started with brunch with the family and my dear friend Nick Howey, who was over from Las Vegas. I have worked with Nick for many years on various productions, including Starlight Express and The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber both out in the US, and who was also accompanying myself and my partner to the Royal Albert Hall for the 25th Anniversary concert of Phantom of the Opera that evening. I don’t think I have ever attended such a wonderous event, it was truly a night I will remember forever. There were a couple of really emotional moments for me, firstly when Michael Crawford walked out on stage, as I have worked with him since way back in the 70’s right up until this most recent production of The Wizard of Oz. Also, hearing Sarah Brightman sing at the end of the show was just breathtaking. I spotted Sarah when I was teaching at Arts Educational School and she was a student. I was just in the process of creating Hot Gossip and I chose her as one of my dancers, then discovered she could sing and after the hit record ” I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper” I introduced her to my good friend Andrew Lloyd Webber, the rest as they say is history. Catching up with her at the party was just non stop chatter only to discover she really is intending to go to ‘outer space’! For those of you that couldn’t get a ticket it will be coming out on DVD, I know I’ll certainly be buying to watch again!

So the week coming up involves all sorts of crazy events, including my first ever appearance in a panto… but that’s all to be revealed next week so make sure you read my blog, same time, same place!

Till then

Love Arlene x

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