Degas and dancing

Hi All!

This week I am loving my Marisota autumn wardrobe. You might have seen me wearing one of the jackets on my twitter profile pic, and you can check out the whole range here: So excited about this season I hope you love it as much as I do!

So this week’s first stop was the Degas exhibition opening at Royal Academy. I went along with my partner which was real treat as he so rarely wants to attend big public events, but being a lover of Degas he decided to venture out with me. I had a great time catching up with Debbie Moore, and also the beautiful Darcy Bussell, who is one of my all time favourite ballerinas. The exhibition was followed by a very long evening at The Wolsey where I bumped into lots of friends. The following day, I managed to sneak away to the country for the last bit of summer, where it was total relaxation, and yes of course, food, and lots of art as it was the H Art, the amazing Herefordshire art exhibition.

Back to London and up and on my way to a shoot with Good Housekeeping magazine for their Christmas special, where Alana was waiting for me, brush in hand. Do keep an eye out for it, as I have never worn anything like the outfit they put me in… I was nervous at first, but after seeing a few of the shots I couldn’t believe how good it looked and I really felt really confident. After I’d finished the shoot I dashed over to the Alan Titchmarsh show where I was going on to talk about my new book, and of course gossip with the lovely Alan! From there I made my way over the OXO Tower to film a little piece for something called Midnight at the Movies, where they are having a dance movie marathon on the 1st October. I was doing an introduction to the film Can’t Stop The Music, which was the film I choreographed starring The Village People back in ’79. It was also the film set that Alana spent the first 3 months of her life on as she was born during filming! Anyone fancy heading down to watch? : Sadly by the time I had finished all these things I was unable to get across town and missed Theatre for Theatres, the Great Ormond St Hospital fundraiser at Cafe de Paris. Do check out the link and see what it’s all about and how you can get involved:

Wednesday I hopped on the train to Woking to watch Grease with many of the original creative team and my office gang, and what an amazing show it was! Danny and Carina who play Danny and Sandy were on top form, the choreography looked immaculate thanks to the dance captain keeping everyone one their toes, but my stars of the night were Ricky Rojas as Kenickie – wow what a voice – and the fabulous Robin Cousins as the Teen Angel, who glided round the stage like a dream. So well done guys, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Thursday and Friday were much needed amazing catch up days with Coco planning, scheming and organising the next few months. It seems crazy how far ahead I have to plan my diary, but at this point I could tell you what I’m doing practically every day up till the end of November! But of course I won’t, you’ll have to keep up with my blogs…

I spend the Weekend with my girls having a huge clear out so we could donate of all our old clothes, shoes, bags, hats and toys as there are so many who need so much and have so little. I shed a little tear waving goodbye to so many childhood memories. Also I loved spending the weekend with my girls, because as you know family weekends are my favourite thing ever.

So another busy week awaits, and make sure you come down and see me at Henley next Saturday where I’ll be reading from my Alana Dancing Star books and answering all your questions. You can buy tickets here and for more info on the books

SO until next week…
Love Arlene x

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