Something for the weekend

So I thought I’d make this weeks’ blog a little something for you to read over your morning coffee because if your anything like me you’ll be trying to take it easy this weekend!

So I left you last week with a cliffhanger as I made my way over to the Savoy with the cast of We Will Rock You as they were on their way to perform at the dinner to celebrate what would have been Freddie’s birthday. It’s such an honour to be part of something as fantastic as WWRY, and getting to remember Freddie who was so special and dear to me. The celebration party and concert was a real treat. Tom from Keane, Matt Lucas, Jeff Beck, Ty Taylor, Kerry Ellis and of course the incredible Roger and Brian playing and singing to remind us of the legend that Freddie was.

Tuesday was a day of trying to fit as much in as was humanly possible. The day started with one meeting after another, and of course all at opposite ends of town, then on to a very fabulous lunch at the divine Aqua in Oxford Circus opposite the Palladium Theatre where I was due to have a meeting with the wonderful Michael Crawford who is currently starring in my production of The Wizard of Oz, of course playing the wizard. That done and dusted and yet another meeting straight after with the show’s director, the very brilliant Jeremy Sams, I realised it was 6:30 and I was never going to make it all the way to the South Bank to an art exhibition and back to the Ivy club for a book party at 7:30 so I decided to cut my losses and head straight over. My dear friend Francesca Simon was celebrating her 20th Horrid Henry book. Yummy Horrid Henry cupcakes and plenty of champagne (sparkling water for me!) were on the menu, as well as gossip with Francesca, before making my way over to a charity performance of Mama Mia, and yes I was a tiny bit late! All in all a super busy yet super fun day, and I still had the rest of the week to get through…

Aside from the week flying past basically being packed with meetings about various projects, I managed to find time to have lunch with my friend CJ at the very glamorous Mossimans and of course visit my Munchkins over at the Wizard of Oz again. I wanted to get as much done as possible as the weekend was going to be a busy one as well… I had my family down from ‘up north’ and so I wanted to clear as much from my schedule as I could to spend my time with them. We had dinners and brunches, walks and talks, and overall a fantastic family weekend just as it should be.

Monday I’m proud to say my Abi started her new job, and she will be creating the most beautiful flower displays the world has ever seen! I really am so proud of her. Not wanting to be a clingy mother and visit on her first day, I hotfooted it over to the Cafe de Paris in Leicester Square where the Best Magazine Beauty Awards were being held, and I was very kindly invited! Alana was working backstage with 4 lucky readers who had won a competition to come to London, attend the awards and have a makeover, all from just voting in the which awards with are the only one’s to be 100% voted for by the general public, not industry insiders. Chatting to the four winners after I’m proud to say Alana did a fantastic job with them and they all looked and felt truly amazing.

Tuesday was yet another working lunch, and I rushed off to attend both a meeting and an interview with legendary PR Lynne Franks, to talk about the upcoming charity events I am involved in. I’m hosting the Sense awards on the 4th October, to celebrate the achievements of deaf and blind people and those who support them, something I am truly honored to be doing.

So who’s coming to se me at the festivals? There’s Henley on the 1st of October and Cheltenham on the 15th!

Sat 15 Oct / 1:30pm / Literature / The Playhouse Theatre / £6, Members – 10% discount
Age 6+. If you love dancing, come and meet world-famous choreographer Arlene Phillips, author of Alana Dancing Star – the hottest new series in girls’ fiction. Full of magic, glamour, glitter and loveable characters; every book is a different dance spectacular! Hear the stories and see the dance steps with real dancers. Dance dress optional!

Duration 45 mins.

More Information / Book Tickets / Add to wishlisth AND an adults event

Saturday, October 15, 2011 – 16:00
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We celebrate the transforming power of dance in a discussion with three individuals who have each had dazzling careers in this demanding field. Ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips shot to fame as the founder of the dance group Hot Gossip and is a hit-making West End choreographer.

Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova are the most successful professional couple ever on Strictly Come Dancing, and are the stars and choreographers of the hit show Latin Fever. They are currently involved in the new government initiative Essentially Dance, bringing dance to school children in the UK

So here’s where I’m signing off for my fun weekend before another crazy week begins adn a very early Monday morning start!

Till next time
Love Arlene x

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