The cliffhanger…

Hi guys!

So I’ve been back in London a week now and what a busy busy week it’s been already! 

My last day in Wales was spent taking a day trip to the beautiful Devils Bridge Falls with the family, and it was a fantastic way to end what has been a lovely summer.  If you should find yourself in Wales it’s another place I fully recommend to visit, along with Aberraeron I mentioned last week.  I’ll really miss the beautiful countryside and fresh air, but definitely not the constant temptation of all the yummy food I’m so frequently having to avoid every time we visit friends here! 

As soon as I got back to London it was straight to work and into hair and makeup with Alana to do some filming for my Youtube channel.  I’m really excited about the competition I’m launching as it involves not just dance but budding musicians as well.  I’m taking open submissions for music that I can use in my competition to search for my favourite dancer.  You can be a soloist, double act, group, crew and style you want.  If you have some original material you think would be good to dance to send it to, all genres welcome.  You can also send in any questions you have to this address so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I am so looking forward to see and hear what you can come up with… let the competition commence! 

The weekend was given over to Alana’s birthday, I can’t believe she’s 32!  It seems like only yesterday she was born and I was holding her in my arms, and what with Abi turning 21 at the end of the month it makes you wonder where the time has gone!  We had a lovely birthday brunch, the table laid with exquisite flowers arranged by Abi, and laid out wiht delicious cupcakes from Dixie’s Cupcakery  which unfortunately Alana dropped all over the floor by accident – we still ate them though despite looking a little worse for wear they were utterly scrumptious. We went to our favourite place La Petite Maison for dinner and I have to say the chocolate pudding was out of this world, clearly I have done a rubbish job of avoiding naughty food this weekend – it seems it’s not just Wales I have to watch it!  All in all a lovely weekend, the highlight being the little Alana got as a present the we have all fallen in love with.  Follow @alanaroxanne on twitter to see the pics from the weekend.

Monday was a day of meeting after meeting, an interview about my upcoming dance book and a trip over to the Palladium to see how my Munchkins are getting on!  Monday evening it was off to the Jeans for Genes charity event at Kettners restaurant in Soho.  It’s such an interesting charity and one I would love for you all to be more involved in, here’s how…  Come Friday 7th October I’ll have my jeans on and I hope you do to!  I had a fabulous time at the party, and got to have a long overdue catch up with the Bad Boy of Ballroom himself Brendan Cole.  There was a great performance from new girlband Parade, and a very generous gift bag to take home that contained the most amazing denim blue nail polish I shall certainly be wearing on the 7th.  After the party I hotfooted it over to the Dominion Theatre to join the cast for a special performance of We Will Rock You for Freddie’s birthday – but I’m going to leave you on a cliffhanger about that until next week…  Such an exciting night so much to share…

So until then
Love Arlene x 

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