Short and Sweet

Hello All,

So I’ve been up in the country being lazy once again!  I should in fact say attempting to be lazy as no time off is ever really ‘time off’, as the countless telephone interviews and emails to answer seem never ending at the moment!  All for exciting projects to work on when I get back to London so can’t complain really.  I last left you on my return from Edinburgh, where the next morning I found myself running round like a headless chicken trying to get some loose ends tied up before I set off back up to Herefordshire.  I had a quick lunch meeting in town at my current favourite restaurant Pollen St Social with a top BBC exec, well I say it was meeting it was more of a gossip for an hour, and a lovely yet naughty one at that!  Then home to pick up my bags and off we went…

As you all know every time I head to the country I wave goodbye to my diet, as the countless dinner parties with friends and everyone from Hons, Lords, Ladies and locals seem to overwhelm me.  I figured it might be easier to keep in check this time if I invited them all to mine so I could at least keep an eye on what I was serving, so needless to say we’ve had a house full the past week.  Days spent vintage shopping around Ludlow and Leominster, and rifling through charity shops from here to Abergavenny.  I really do find so many of my red carpet dresses in these shops, and a broach or fabulous necklace from my QVC collection just adds the finishing touch. 

One of the days I was here I took the train over to Cardiff with Tully my assistant PA to watch The Sound of Music tour, and let me tell you Jason Donovan was a revelation.  I did a workshop with him many years ago, and to say the man couldn’t dance was an understatement, and yet here he was dancing the Lendler with such elegance it took my breath away.  Overall the show was fabulous, and if you get the chance do go and see it.

Sadly the following day the trains were all cancelled and so I couldn’t get down to London to celebrate Craig Revel Horwood’s British Citizenship ceremony, but I’m sure a right royal time was had by all, and congratulations Craig!  We’ll crack out the champagne when I’m back.

Another fantastic family day we had out was to the seaside town of Aberaerron.  I’m sure you all saw the picture I posted on Twitter of the immense rain, but that didn’t stop us from exploring around and having yummy fish and chips (well no chips for me!) and enjoying the amazing views and pretty town.  If ever you find yourself over in Wales make sure to take a trip as the fresh sea air is so exhilarating, well bracingly freezing actually!  

As much as I’ll be sad to leave as it’s the end of the summer and I know I won’t be back for another couple of months, I have so many great things happening in London, and I cant’ wait to get started on the next round of projects. So many fantastic things I’ll soon be able to share with you…  Just wait till next week’s blog for starters, it’s going to be a busy week!

Till next time

Love Arlene x

2 comments on “Short and Sweet

  1. Chloe Greene says:

    Charity shops are great aren’t they? My daughter Maggie found a beautiful cream Ghost dress in a charity shop in Folkestone. I’ve just been taking sacks of stuff down to the Barnardo charity shop in Folkestone because I moved last week. I like the idea of all our possessions being re-cycled in this way. Means there is less waste.

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