Busy, busy and busy

Hi guys,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you, and I’m so glad you all liked Alana’s blog on my makeup secrets last week, might have to get her to do another one soon! 

So the week began with a photoshoot with both myself and Alana to promote a charity that I’m involved in, The 4children and Family Heroes Awards. For more details and to nominate your hero go to www.4children.org.uk/familyheroes.  The closing date is the 26th August so there’s still time to apply if you can think of anyone you know who deserves this. “he Family Heroes Awards are all about celebrating those incredible people who go above and beyond the call of duty to help strengthen families in times of need. Bringing up a family is not easy and sometimes it’s only the support of others that gets you through the toughest challenges. Family is the most important thing we have and the heroes these awards honour are worth their weight in gold. I look forward to October when the awards take place, and I get to meet all the amazing people who have been nominated.  Just hearing about some of the wonderful and selfless things that people have done for each other just brings tears to my eyes, and I know it will be a very special night.

We all know what a devastating  week we have had and  it’s so sad to see the city take such a tumble.  My heart goes out to the poor people who lost everything. Let’s get London dancing again and put the life back into it!

Tuesday was a very self indulgent morning, not something I often get to say – and I went for a facial at QMS Medicosmetics.  I have to say I have never experienced anything like it, having pure oxygen blown over my face and a special mask that moulds to your skin it was like nothing else, and the results were miraculous, my skin felt and look just heavenly.  So fresh faced and glowing I made my way home for a day in the office with Coco my fabulous PA – or should I say right arm!  It’s been a while since we really got a chance to sit down and go through everything together, it sometimes astounds me just how much there is to do, even Coco has an assistant, the equally fabulous Tully, who I suppose we’ll call my left arm!

Wed was a super busy day, starting with work on the DVD for my new dance book, then it was on to a lunch meeting with the divine Ben Latham Jones, where we sat and came up with ideas to turn a very iconic film into a musical, oh if only I could tell you about it… Some things are worth the wait though, and wait you shall… 
After lunch it was over to the Wizard of Oz to see how my little Munchkins were getting on, and of course being over that way I couldn’t resist popping into Liberty, one of my favourite shops, not just for what they sell but also the building itself.  To say I left empty handed might be a fib, so I won’t.  But it was only a little something…  Oh why does shopping always make me feel so guilty!  Still it was back to work again, and then home for a delicious roast with some family friends, where of course I felt guilty all over again for stuffing my face, but the company was wonderful, a good day all round I’d say.

It was an early Thursday morning, and Radio Scotland was the first stop to talk about my trip to the Edinburgh Literary Festival.  Then on to do some filming with my very old friend Brian Grant, who I worked with on many of the huge pop videos back in the 80’s, and that of course was our topic for discussion.  After filming we went for dinner and a proper catch up, and discussed a very new and exciting project we want to start working on, it seems there’s so much in the pipeline at the moment I wish I could share it all you with you.  I suppose we’ll see in a few months what I get to write about, and how many of these wonderful ideas are realised.

Friday and Saturday blended as both were about my Marisota clothing collection, Friday was a day of fittings in preparation for Saturday’s shoot, so not much to report there, but Saturday was a fantastic day, so many outfits to shoot and we raced through!  My hair and makeup looked the best yet, and I love this new collection so much.  Lots of bold prints and gorgeous structured dresses, delicate cardigans and flowing trousers – I just know you’re going to love it.  

Bright and early on Sunday morning Alana and I made our way to Heathrow to wing our way to what was surprisingly sunny Edinburgh.  Due to our flight annoyingly being delayed we didn’t arrive till lunchtime, so of course it was straight to find food on arrival.  We were staying at the beautiful Missoni Hotel, right at the top of the Royal Mile where the heart of the festival is, and all around us were people handing out flyers, acting out scenes and generating  audiences for their productions, so busy was not the word!  A trip to my beloved vintage shops was all I wanted to do so Alana and her astounding knowledge of how to get around the city lead me to a few, but no success and we returned back to the hotel empty handed.  It was a long afternoon out, so by the time we had unpacked, showered and changed it was time to make our way to dinner at the famous and fabulous Witchery, where we were joined by my good friend and wonderful children’s author Francesca Simon, who writes the Horrid Henry books.  The food was divine, and it was like time stood still as two and a half hours later we were still chatting away, so it was back to the hotel to continue gossiping late into the night. 

Monday morning was my reading at the book festival, and after getting me ready, Alana came to watch with another old friend of ours Frances Ruffelle, who I have know since the beginning of the Starlight days!  `The event went brilliantly, and the enthusiastic response from both the kids and their parents who came to watch was so overwhelming.  I read a section from one of my books, and then had a Q&A session with some great questions being asked, and then had my picture taken as a visiting author, something I was very proud to do!
Myself, Frances and Alana then went off into town for the afternoon, shopping and lunching, although actually all I bought were tea towels!  Who says my life is glamorous…
Soon it was time to return to the hotel, pack up and make our way back to the airport to return home, where this time the flight was so speedy we actually arrived early!  As much fun as I have away, I always say “there’s no place like home”.

So this brings me up to today, 

So till then…

Love Arlene x

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