Take That and Party

So firstly, hello!  It’s been 2 weeks since my last blog, due to the fact that I was laid up in bed for most of the previous week after my horrible dental surgery, so honestly had nothing to report!  As I’m sure you can all guess I am hopeless at doing nothing, so it was it was sleep sleep and more sleep as being awake sitting around my house was driving me mad!  

So I’ll start from last Wed when I finally managed to make it out of the house and off to the English National Ballet’s Summer Party with my good friend Debbie Moore.  It was such a lovely evening, beautiful weather, beautiful dance and good friends all around, the highlight of which was catching up with Bruno who has just returned from the US after judging on Dancing With The Stars, just what I needed to cheer me up as I was missing my younger daughter Abi dreadfully.  She left for America and the house seems so dreadfully quiet and empty without her.  Plus I miss having all the pretty flowers around she brought home from her course, although now she has finished I’ll have to start paying her to make the bouquets! 

The following day I attended a birthday party for my friend Marcia, who I have know for many years as she had children in both Abi and Alana’s classes at King Alfreds where they were both at school.  It was great to catch up with some of the other parents as we so rarely see each other now the kids have all grown up…  How time flies.

After that I had to pop into the Wizard of Oz rehearsals in the afternoon to see how the new children/munchkins were getting on!  Some of them are just too cute for words, and so talented for ones so young!  I didn’t stay to watch the show though as I went on to the Faber Summer Party, who are the company that publish my Alana Dancing Star books.  It was great to meet some of the other authors (never thought I’d be calling myself that!) and I also saw my friend Francesca Simon who writes the Horrrid Henry books.  We worked on the idea of a children’s musical together many years ago and went to the US to do research in the Hasbro headquaters, now that was a trip!.  It really is such a small world, how people’s paths can cross in such an unexpected way always amazes me. 
I was very honoured to be asked to present an award at the Royal College of Nursing that evening to the Employee of the Year, so it was there I went on to after leaving the Faber party.  It was there of course I bumped into Michael Ball, Les Dennis, Lionel Blair and Cheri Lunghi also presenting awards, and of course our chatter got very loud! 

Saturday I was up early to take Alana to Brent Cross to look around homewares as she’s just moved house, and what’s a parent for if not to help out, although why at 31 she still can’t drive is beyond me!  Alana if you’re reading this (which I hope you are…) Learn to drive!   We went round Fenwicks and John Lewis, and I had to physically restrain her from trying to buy everything in sight.  It’s her first house,  and she wants everything to look perfect right away, so convincing her with phrases like “little by little” and “make do and mend” were my words of wisdom for the day.  We did find some lovely things in Next Home, I’m just waiting for their sale to start so I can pick up a few bargains myself!  
After weighing ourselves down with bags, it was back home to get ready for our Saturday night out… 

It was Take That at Wembley!  Wow, is all I can say.  What a breathtaking concert, I was mesmerised from start to finish, and that’s unusual for me as I find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time!  The boys looked and sounded fantastic, and as for the creative design – mind blowing.  Robbie’s entrance to Let Me Entertain You was so exciting I though Alana was going to pass out, and as great as their new music is, even I was singing away to Everything Changes,  We really enjoyed the evening, and it was lovely to see Philip Schofield and his family dancing away behind us. There really is something special about being at Wembley too, and it took me back to so many of the concerts and events I attended that have been held there over the years. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen, Elton John – amazing memories I will always keep with me, although I think the one that really springs to mind was seeing the Rolling Stones and refusing to leave a second before the end, and it taking me 3 hours to get home – but I only lived about 20 minutes away! 

Sunday morning all the extended family came over for breakfast, and it was bagels at the ready, without cream cheese for me I might add, just the smoked salmon…  I do love having my family around me, it always makes me feel complete. 

One thing that’s happening next week I am so excited about is the show I’m producing with Vincent and Flavia ‘Midnight Tango’ is being filmed live from the theatre in Bristol and shown in 100 selected cinemas around the country as it’s performed. What an amazing event, it really is a show that’s so moving it just reaches in to your soul and makes you fall in love with Tango, an absolute must see for everyone.  Make sure to look at the MT website to find your nearest cinema and check out upcoming tour dates.

Another event I’m really looking forward to in is the Edinburgh Bookfest on the 15th August, where I’ll be reading a section from my one of my children’s books and doing a Q&A session so would love to see you there!  http://www.edbookfest.co.uk/the-festival/whats-on/alana-dancing-star-with-arlene-phillips

I know I’m always saying how grateful I am for all your lovely comments on Facebook and Twitter, and due to such an overwhelming response on Facebook I’ve now closed my personal page and set up a fan page instead  – so please ‘like’ it! : http://www.facebook.com/arlenephillipsofficial

Last night I went to watch Sylvie Guillem at Sadlers Wells, and I actually felt like I was the luckiest person alive to watch that performance.  A true icon of dance, her passion and creativity was simply breathtaking and I could have sat and watched it straight after all over again.  I guess I certainly made up for my ‘lost’ week with all my outings and theater trip, I certainly feel very lucky to have done and seen so much and I always love sharing it with you.

Looking forward to filling you in next week on all the things I’m going to get up to over the coming few days, until then…

Love Ax

2 comments on “Take That and Party

  1. Barry Campbell says:

    I would have loved to be watching Sylvie with you1

  2. I had 2 Netflix waiting to be watched.
    It’s nearly time to make a date with one of his best mates for us to go uniform shopping.
    I can still look back at my oldest son’s 1st birthday party and laugh at how “perfect” I wanted things to be.
    I met him at a friend’s birthday party.

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