Bikers, Bed and Beyond…

Hi all,

So I left you last time with promises of a slightly more glamorous and eventful week, and although maybe not glamorous it certainly has been eventful!

My Wednesday started with  filming in Trafalgar Square in the pouring rain with the lovely Hairy Bikers.  Two chefs who’s mission that morning was to raise awareness of Meals on Wheels, a cause I wanted to help greatly partly as my Father received them for many years, and I think people don’t realise the impact and difference it can make to someone’s life.  It’s not just about the food, but having contact for some people is so important as it can give them something to focus on and look forward to.  For my part in the campaign I had to create a recipe, so I chose “Arlene’s energy salad”. I had a fabulous morning, despite the rain, and I wish the Hairy Bikers all the best with the rest of their campaign.

After filming was finished it was off to a meeting, a dash home, a quick change and a dash back out to the Ivy Club where my very close and long time friend Debbie Moore was celebrating her birthday.  It was such a lovely party, filled with familiar faces, delicious canapes, plenty of champagne and a beautiful montage of photographs of Debbie from her modeling days to look over.  I had such a great time that I was pretty much the last to leave, a sentence you will probably never hear me say again – I’m usually straight out of the door and running for my bed!

I have to say a couple of days rest in the country were very much on order, so me and the family packed up the car and it was off to the countryside, where I did nothing but eat.  It’s dinner party invite hell out there! As soon as I leave the North Circular my willpower flies out the window and as far as dinner parties are concerned it’s anything goes!  I do so love to see all our friends who all just happen to be the most wonderful cooks, so it was duck, venison, steak, the dreaded roast potatoes in goose fat, gravy, desserts – you name it I ate it!  Never a good thing I later found out when you have to do a photoshoot two days later and have to change your outfit last minute… more about that next!

So I finally got round to the filming part of my mystery project, which involved me in a very glamorous outfit (possibly the only other glam part of my week apart from Debbie’s party!) and yes I found myself changing outfits the night before as the one I originally wanted to wear felt just that little bit too tight, clearly due to my weekend of gluttony!  I wore a beautiful navy Philip Lim dress that was all floaty to the knees, with black tights and ballroom shoes…. another clue!  We were filming at Spring Studios, that fortunately for me had the most delicious lunch menu of soups and salads, so after a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt I felt quite virtuous and back on my diet that day.  I have to say it was a very long day and I felt quite exhausted by the end, plus I had a busy day of meetings the ext morning, followed by a nasty dental operation that afternoon, which is why I am infact writing this blog from the comfort of my bed where I’m propped up on lots of pillows, and probably will be for the next few days, secretly feeling sorry for myself!  I say secretly because I always tried to instill in my daughters the phrase “mind over matter” so obviously I have to set a good example…. but sometimes there’s no escaping the fact you feel rubbish!

I’d love you all to tweet of facebook me yours ideas on how you keep yourselves going, is there a particular film you watch to cheer yourselves up?  Or maybe a good book I should read?  Do let me know as I’ll certainly need to do something to keep me ticking over while I’m laid up.

One thing that always cheers me up immensely is my daughter Abi’s flowers, and it was the last day of her course yesterday so it was lovely to wake up to a house filled with the most beautiful displays she brought home from her final project, and now it’s onto the job search so if anybody knows any good florists wanted a beautiful and super talented assistant please get in touch. After one year of study and her diploma she’s ready!

Well I hope I’ll have lots to tell you next week as I’m sure I’ll be up and on my feet again in no time, I’m a bit of a Tigger.
Till then much love
A x

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