Cocktails and Crazy Horses


So as I left it last week I was off on a glamorous night out.  First stop was my lovely friend Dean Piper’s party to celebrate his two years as showbiz columnist at the Sunday Mirror, and accompanying me was my daughter Alana, the quick witted and gorgeous actor Gerard McCarthy, and my fellow dance diva from SYTYCD Sisco.  There we met up with the adorable Sam Dowler, Now magazine’s party animal and the evening was underway.  When we arrived at the venue, the Cuckoo Club in Piccadilly, there were rows of beautiful boys holding even more beautiful looking drinks, which for some reason I assumed was some sort of lovely fruit cocktail.  Now being someone that doesn’t drink I should have tasted the fact that they were loaded with gin, but so cleverly disguised it was that two along I was feeling somewhat out of sorts, much to the amusement of my friends!  Dean did a fabulous star turn singing Baby When You’re Gone with Mel C, and a great performance from Claire McGuire made it a great start to the evening.

Bearing in mind I still had another event to get I was guided outside for fresh air and plied with water as I stumbled my way towards the taxi to take us on to Supperclub and the Girls of the Crazy Horse Paris.  Arriving at 9:15 to what I was told would be dinner at half past, the show at 10pm, my cab home firmly booked for an 11pm finish I was somewhat dismayed to find myself still standing at the bar with my guests at 10pm, and the start time still nowhere in sight.  Having promised everyone dinner and knowing what an early start I had in the morning, it was back in a taxi to town and time to find some food to sober me up and I just couldn’t stand there any longer!   We all ended up at one of my favourite places the Gaucho Grill, and what better than steak to soak up all that gin!  We had a delicious dinner, and then it was time for me to leave the party animals to the rest of their night, and I heard it was a wild one…!

So up early I was and off to the start of a two day photoshoot in Hoxton for my mystery project!  As always Alana was with me to do hair and makeup, and also there was my long time assistant and good friend Giorgia Barberi who has been helping me on this from the start.  I was feeling a little fragile from the night before, so it was nice to not have to go straight into hair and makeup, and just watch some of the other people being photographed first. Two long days, made longer by the fact I got lost driving on the way there and back both times – but overall a very productive and exciting couple of days. All will be revealed soon…..

Saturday I was up bright and early again to head to the BBC for another day of So You Think You Can Dance, and I was really looking forward to seeing who would make it into the semi finals next week.  This was a full on show packed with solos, girls and boys routines, couples dances and a whole group routine as well, so there were several chances for the contestants to show us what they could do and make sure we put them through to the next round.  I especially loved the boys routine with fabulous choreography by Mandy Moore, and the outstanding effort of the boys who got a standing ovation from all of the judges.  It was sad to say goodbye to Israel and Charlotte, who I felt really grew throughout this competition, Israel probably more than most, and I hope they both go on to keep studying and working and really turn themselves into the powerhouse dancers I know they can become.  So semi finals and we’re left with Matt, Luke, Lee, Bethany, Katie and Kirsty.  I’d really love a boy winner this year, just to make it different, but the truth is it’s anyone’s game at this point so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Sunday I was up bright and early AGAIN but this time to head off to the country for a couple of days peace and quiet over the bank holiday. It was just me and my partner as the girls were staying at home with friends, so a couple of days of dinner parties and sunshine were just what I needed.

Tuesday if you can believe it was We Will Rock You London’s 9th birthday, and Starlight Germany’s 23rd! And both still going strong I’m proud to say.  Make sure if you haven’t already to try and see them, as they really are both truly amazing shows, if I do say so myself!

So I hope the rest of the week is as enjoyable for you as I hope mine will be, as always lots coming up and lots more to report next week so make sure you subscribe!  Also a big hello and thank you to all my lovely new Twitter and Facebook followers, I promise to keep it interesting!
TIll next week….

Arlene x

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