Birthdays and BAFTAS

So my week of being back in the real world continued with being busy busy as usual.  Thursday began with an appearance on the Vanessa show, which I have to say was so much much fun.  Vanessa I have known for a while and whenever we see each other we go in to full Jewish Mother mode and talk about is how all we want is for our children to get married and make us grandparents!  She was a delight to talk to, and for those who saw it I hope you enjoyed watching the show as much as I enjoyed being on it.
I went from there on to a catch up with the brilliant Stacey Haynes, who is an old friend I have also has the pleasure of working with, although how we ever got any work done I’ll never know as all we do is laugh.  From the minute we start talking till we have to say goodbye, we just laugh and it was a real treat to take the time out to get together.

So it was another So You Think You Can Dance Saturday at the BBC, and what a show it was!  As you all know, Nigel was unable to make it over to the UK due to the American Idol finals, so it was my turn to step up and take on the role of head judge…  The fabulous John Barrowman joined the panel for one night only, and I think the show really took on a whole new feel. Also for the first time all the couples had to perform two dances, so there was a lot of excitement all round.  I was so moved by Matt and Charlotte’s contemporary piece, choreographed by Mandy Moore who’s work I just love, I felt the level of commitment and understanding they brought to the piece was just breathtaking and I could have watched it several times over.  I also thought Luke did a great job, his personality is really beginning to shine through as he was someone with all the technical ability but no passion, so it’s really exciting to see his development in that area.  I had a great time with John, with whom I go way back, although of course I’m looking forward to return of the original Nasty Nigel and it will be interesting to see what he thinks of our choices on who left.  A huge well done to Katrina and Tom also, Katrina who threw herself into whatever style she was given with such conviction, and to Tom who despite our criticism week after week always came out wiht a smile on his face, and I wish them both the best of luck.
On to Sunday and it was… My Birthday!  After the lovely SYTYCD audience had all sung Happy Birthday to me the night before I was so excited to wake up and start the day.  I came down in the morning to find the table covered in flowers and presents all beautifully decorated, and laid out around a heart shaped wreath made by my daughter Abi.  I managed to wait until all the family were together to open everything, and I was overwhelmed by how thoughtful my gifts were.  Alana had arranged a surprise for lunch, so we all piled in the car and took a mystery tour to Mayfair.  The restaurant we went to was called La Petite Maison and for the record it was divine.  It was French cuisine, and with the beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows, exquisite food and charming decor I could have almost been in Cannes.  A quick trip to Louboutin and my day was complete!  Although it was my Birthday and I do love them to be family days, I couldn’t say no to an invite to the BAFTAS so it was back home after lunch to get hair and makeup ready.  I wore a LBD by Richard Nichol, and the lovely necklace Louise Redknapp gave me for my birthday, all in all I felt very special.  

The BAFTAS were so much fun, I sat with my good friend Debbie Moore who owns Pineapple,which was nominated but sadly didn’t win an award.  I saw all the people I love to catch up with at these events like Louie Spence, and I trekked over to the TOWIE table – not for myself but Abi who made me promise if I saw any of the cast from The Only Way Is Essex to get pictures, so there I was taking shot after shot with Mark, Arg, Amy and Sam and of course Mr Essex himself Joey.  They were all so sweet, and I I’ll definitely be watching the next series along with my girls.  Best of all I caught up with my friend Steve Coogan who I knew long before he became a star, and it was an absolute treat.

I was up early again on Monday to take Abi to the Chelsea Flower Show, where I was helping launch the RNIB garden, a beautiful and sensory experience.  I also introduced Abi to celebrity florist Simon Lycett who was greeting the lovely JLS, so lots of fun was had by all.

Tuesday morning I went to the QVC autumn winter collection press day, which was held at 33 Portland Place where they filmed The Kings Speech.  I saw the chair Colin Firth sat in and looked all around where they filmed, it really is an extraordinary house.  I was amazed by all the products QVC sell, such an enormous range and they have some beautiful bags and shoes that I hadn’t seen as of course I only ever really look at the jewelry. So that’ll be in my spare time then!  A long day of meetings followed, and an early night was definitely in order as Wed was to be another long but exciting day…

So this brings me to now, Wed morning. I’m writing this just before I get up to head to my first meeting, yes it’s about the mystery project and no I still can’t tell you exactly what it is yet… although this week’s clue is how many musicals can you name in a minute that I have choreographed…!

I’m really looking forward to tonight, my good friend Dean Piper’s showbiz party to celebrate his first year at the Sunday Mirror, and then the opening of the Crazy Horse burlesque show later on tonight, which I will tell you all about next week!
Till then…

Much love 

One comment on “Birthdays and BAFTAS

  1. Elsie Bell says:

    hello, it’s lovely to read what you’ve been up to, but I am wondering why you have such a pixelated pic as your banner.. where’s your tech team 🙂

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