A right Royal affair

Hi all,

Firstly, I’m really excited to announce the website for my Alana books is now up and running –
 www.alanadancingstar.com- where you can see all the books in the series and read about all the upcoming news from ‘Alana’.

I have to say for the first time in the (short!) history of my blogs I don’t actually have that much to report this week as… shock horror I’ve been taking it easy!

Obviously with So You Think You Can Dance in between, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in the countryside with my family doing all manner of lovely things. Visiting friends for barbeques and having dinner parties, yes I know my lovely things all seem to revolve around food!

So what did you think of the Royal wedding?  I thought Kate looked every inch the beautiful and elegant princess she is, and William her fairytale prince.  My favourite part was when they drove off in Prince Charles’ 41 year old Aston Martin, which if you can believe runs on wine!  It was such a lovely day, and of course we all sat around watching the outfits, wishing we were there and wondering what on earth we would have worn?!  In my defence, when I tweeted “the queen looks like a canary” I still thought she looked fantastic, it wasn’t meant to cause any offence and from the way several people reacted I didn’t feel the comments made were justified, but then I guess you can’t please everybody… and I’m sure me in my imaginary outfit would have caused just as much division.  (She may be the Queen, but then I’m still the Queen of Mean after all!)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged so that’s two couples now gone from SYTYCD, Stephanie and Gian Luca, and Alice and Charlie.  I think I was most upset to see Steph and Charlie go.  Steph was an all round beautiful dancer, but I don’t think had the confidence to bring out her personality and I would have liked to see her stay and really come out of her shell, where as Charlie was totally the other way round with all the personality and spark of a spitfire, but no technique and again would have loved to see him stay and develop that and really grow as a dancer.  I hope they all continue on in their dance journeys and wish them the best of luck. I wonder what it is that keeps putting Ritchie and Shane in the bottom two, and is it one bringing the other into it? I suppose one has to remember that it’s Britain’s FAVOURITE dancer, so that can mean any number of reasons why…  Well this coming weekend there’s a shock double elimination so the pressure is really on!

Thank you all that came to Shrewsbury festival, it was as always so lovely to meet everyone there, and really looking forward to seeing everyone in Salisbury on Wed 1st June.

So much for taking it easy, as soon as I got back to London it was business as usual. Monday was a great day, starting off at the Wright Stuff, hugging Matthew and then giving everyone my opinion on lots of different pieces of news, followed with a fantastic morning at Kensington Prep doing a reading from my Alana Dancing Star books, followed by a fascinating Q&A with VERY smart 7 year old girls! 

It was go go go the next day too! From a meeting with Andrew Lloyd Webber, to a meeting with Feargal Sharkey (blast from the past!) and then, still running to a meeting  with Chairman of Sadlers Wells! Phew, so much to think about, so much to do but with inspiring people like these, time just flies by!

I’m going to leave you with a hint of what all the secret meetings I’ve been having are about… It’s dance based (obviously!) it involves fitness… and you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for all to be revealed…
Until then have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to tune in this week before Eurovision at the earlier time of 5:30 and then stay tuned for the results show at 7:20 when the amazing Jesse J will be performing, oh and and don’t forget to vote for Blue!

Love Arlene x

2 comments on “A right Royal affair

  1. You never know how people are going to react to a tweet! I think the Queen looked lovely. My French mother-in-law was most intrigued by the hats- as she said ‘You don’t see hats like that in Paris’.
    Loving SYTYCD – great that there is so much interest in dance again

  2. Natasha says:

    Agree with your Alice and Charlie comments completely.

    OK, I’ll point the finger – I think it might be Shane. Although he is technically excellent and has a great physique, there is something that gets in the way so that his performances don’t quite connect with me. Not in the way that some of the other contestants do anyway. I can’t quite put my finger on it… I hope we don’t see Rithy go too soon because it feels like she still has some exciting things yet to show us.

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