Part deux

So I know I promised to reveal all this week about my secret photoshoot… but you’re going to have to hang on a bit longer as I’ve just found out I still can’t tell you quite yet! What I will say though is that it all went amazingly well and I’m absolutely thrilled with the shots, so excited for you to see them.

Did anyone make it to Cambridge Wordfest on Sunday and did you enjoy it? I always love those events, getting the opportunity to interact with all the kids that have read my books and getting great feedback about other styles of dance and adventures they want to read about. I’ll be at the Shrewsbury Festival this coming Sunday and as always would love to see some of you there! Click the link for details

So You Think You Can Dance had it’s first elimination show on Saturday, and what a show it was! There was so much nervous energy flying around the building, even the judges were feeling the pressure. What did you think of the final decision? Pleased or not? For me Steph and Gianluca clinched it over Paige and Ryan for their outstanding technique and performance ability when it came to Dance for you Life, but it was a close call. I’m really looking forward to seeing how those two come back this week, how they tackle the dances they have and prove to us why we chose for them to stay. Make sure you tune in on Saturday to see how they all get on…

On Sunday I made sure I was up bright and early as I wanted to spend Easter in the country with my family and friends, so I jumped on a train and spent the subsequent 3 hours dreaming of what I was going to do when I arrived. It was a totally relaxing and idyllic few days of dinners, catching up, long walks and lying in the sun, bliss. Just counting down the days till it’s back to London and back to work!

It seems every week I’m trying to avoid eating something bad, and of course yet again this week it’s my daughter Abi’s magnificent cupcakes, I mean I’m all for being supportive but maybe I should have had just the one not most of them! What with that and all the fabulous dinner’s I’ve been invited to this Easter it’s been a hard week for my diet, but I’ve managed to avoid the chocolate eggs so surely that counts for something?!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and a fabulous week ahead!

Love A x

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