Holiday madness

Hello all!

Once again an insanely busy week – although the latter part of it was definitely for fun only as I’l tell you about in a bit…

Did anyone catch out their friends or family on April fools day? I fell for a good one about Vincent Simone and Midnight Tango, click on the link here to see what happened! and read ‘Opening night in doubt’…
I ended up phoning my co-producer to check if it was true, and of course he knew nothing about it… and then I realised April fools! The show opened in Jersey over the weekend and it was a whirlwind trip there and back to see the first night, and worth every second. It’s an incredible show don’t miss it! Vincent and Flavia are without doubt the King and Queen of Argentine Tango. I couldn’t be there for the nights in Southampton, but I’m looking forward to seeing it again in Oxford next week, hope to see some of you there too!

Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? Has anyone got any favourites yet or people they wanted to go through but didn’t? I know a lot of you liked the boy who taught himself to dance in the shadows, what an inspired thing to do. It was a shame he couldn’t pick up the choreography as there was really something there, I just hope he keeps working and comes back next year to audition. Talking of people coming back – who remembered Bethany – wow what a difference a year’s training makes! So now you’ve seen our top 20 what do you think? They’re all so different, and I can’t wait to start the live shows on Saturday to see their explosive routines they’ve been working on to kick off the new series!

I had a lovely Mothers Day with my family. We went out for lunch, and both my girls gave me beautiful gifts, I felt very special! A book of early Andy Warhol photographs from Alana, and Abi made me the most amazing woven basket filled with flowers and a handmade card. A quick potter around Selfridges shoe department and then home to get ready for a charity event. The charity is Future Dreams, set up by a young girl to raise money for breast cancer which she had sadly lost her mother to. Tragically last year she lost her life to the same disease, and my good friend Stuart Sweeting had taken on the mantle to continue raising money. It was a stunning show held at the Savoy Theatre and I was honored to introduce one of the items. All in all a perfect day, then it was back home to pack for the week ahead and catch the end of one of my favorite TV shows Lewis!

I finally managed to get away for a week before the live shows and the madness of So You Think You Can Dance starts, so I jumped on the Eurostar with 5 of my family and we went on a magical journey to Paris, then carried on through on through to Zurich where we stayed for a night, then flew to Milan for a night then on to Venice for 3 nights! It was filled with fabulous hotels, stunning sunshine, rifling through vintage shops, the most beautiful Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition, gondolas through the canals, visiting the Murano glass factory to buy their colored glass bottles for my collection, trying to avoid Prada but bumping into Miu Miu, walks through the piazza, St Marks Square…. and of course too much food! Phew! Venice really is the most heavenly of places, it was a truly magical if not jam packed week and I loved every minute of it!

If you’re stuck for something to do this coming weekend why not come and see me at the Cambridge Wordfest on Sunday – hopefully it’s be another lovely weekend so a great day out for all!

I hope the weather stays this sunny and you all have a fabulous week…

Until next time

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