Umbrellas at dawn

Hello all! So who watched the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Saturday?!  What a fantastic first show, I loved the opening with Matt and Stephanie, I think it really set up what this series is all about – real talent!  I can’t wait to start the live shows in a couple of weeks, we’ve got an exciting new production team, as well as some of the gang from last year so always great to meet new faces and catch up with old ones!  I hope you’re all going to be watching this week at the slightly earlier time of 6:30 – don’t miss it! Possibly the most disturbing thing that happened was on the night I went to Sadlers Wells to see the new Pet Shop Boys ballet ‘The Most Incredible Thing’, which I have to say unfortunately wasn’t, although that wasn’t the worst of it…  As I was sat with my partner just underneath the edge of the balcony above I suddenly found myself wondering what was this liquid that was coming down on us? I looked and to my horror it was a woman projectile vomiting all over the edge of the balcony and down onto my brand new white wool jumper!  Never in my life in theatre has this happened to me and let me tell you I hope it won’t ever again!!
I had a slightly better theatre experience at the Umbrellas of Cherbourg where I bumped into Jonathan Ross, who stunned me with his knowledge of the most obscure dance musicals that only a true film buff would know, we could have talked for hours!
I went on the Steve Wright show the other afternoon to talk about the new show I’m producing Midnight Tango starring Vincent and Flavia that opens this weekend in Jersey – and that’s where I’m off to on Saturday, so wish me luck for opening night!’ve been doing so many interviews about all my projects this past week. I went on the Steve Wright show to talk about Midnight Tango starring Vincent and Flavia.  I went on the new Fern Britten show with Griff Rhys Jones, he really was hilarious, I also had a fabulous chat with Lorraine, that woman has the most amazing amount of energy it’s infectious!  I went on the Alan Titchmarsh show where Vincent and Flavia performed a breathtaking routine from Midnight Tango, and it was great to catch up with the lovely Robin Cousins and Karen Barber in the green room backstage.  I was very envious of Karen’s nails, she’d had a Minx wrap in gold and silver and they looked fantastic, I want to know where I can get one done?!
I did a really fun shoot for The Sun Buzz Magazine that came out last weekend did anyone see it? I was styled as Madonna in the iconic Vogue video and I had two very hot male models vogueing behind me!  I loved getting all dressed up in the suit with really fabulous hair makeup that Alana did for me, she really knows how to make me feels confident when I’m doing something that would usually be out of my comfort zone, and the shoot looked hot!
I was lucky enough to be chosen to have a moving portrait taken that will be going up around London.  It was for a series called Influential Londoners so make sure you look out for it… Another thing to look out for are the two new books in my Alana Dancing Star series that will be out on the 5th May, I never dreamed I would be able to write one book, and yet here I am announcing two more in my series! 
I went to the Pimms Summer party at the incredible Lambeth Palace the other night and had a long overdue catch up with Tom Chambers and his lovely and very pregnant wife Claire! We all tucked into barbeque and non alcoholic cocktails in the beautiful secret garden of the palace that was strung up with fairy lights and looked magical. 
I also managed to fit in a visit to QVC to promote my new collection in the jewelry line I designed, and had a great hour on the channel with my favorite host Pippa Gordon.  The collection is all based on my vintage jewelry pieces that I wear all the time and wanted to share with you all so hope you like it… You can see it all here I finally finished my day with a shoot for the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, talking about my most treasured possessions and what they mean to me, and then it was back to the Palladium for a quick check up on the Wizard of Oz, and that just about brings me up to now!
I hope the rest of the week is as fun and full, and that you all enjoy this Mothers day weekend I know I will, and I’ll let you know what I got up to next week!
Love Ax

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