Nearly back in Kansas

Hello lovely readers!

I am still far far away in the land of Oz, and only a few days until the official press night… It hasn’t been an easy run to get there. We’ve had ups and downs and dramas by the bucketload! On Saturday, The legend that is Michael Crawford was taken ill and with just an hour to go before the performance it was all systems go to get his understudy ready, who as we are so early on into the run has barely had a rehearsal but hey that’s showbiz! Of course while all this was going on I was in Ealing getting ready to perform with Ed Byrne on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief so really there was nothing I could do apart from bark instructions down the phone and keep my fingers crossed!

I had a great time dressing up as Julie Walters and doing the dance from Billy Elliot, I can’t believe we came last! The other acts were fantastic and it was great to meet Colin and Justin, what fun guys they are, and they told me they really wanted to perform as Hot Gossip, and Katie Price dressed up as Freddie reminded me of the wonderful times I shared with him.

Last Tuesday 15th we had a gala night at Oz for Great Ormond St It was such a special evening, and great to be part of something that makes such a difference.

As usual I’ve been keeping busy all hours with lots of magazine and radio events. Saturday Live on Radio 4 was really interesting to do, and great interview for Good Housekeeping and now just about to do an interview for the Observer.

Last weekend I was at the South Bank Chilcren’s Imagine festival reading an excert from my children’s book, and it was so lovely to meet some of the passionate young dancers who came along. If you missed me here then come visit me in Guildford on 25th Feb – TODAY and Bluewater on 26th Feb TOMORROW where I’ll be doing book signings and Bluewater: Come along and say hi!

A big congratulations to the fabulous Jerry Mitchell for his win at the What’s Onstage awards for his choreography in Legally Blonde, it’s such a great show and very well deserved. I was sorry I couldn’t make the evening.

Also this week I popped into the final auditions for the new Grease tour, wow there were some talented people there! It’s such a joy to be able to have difficulty choosing between great people, just shows how hard you have to work to keep on top. I’ll make sure I keep you all up to date when we’re allowed to reveal our Danny and Sandy…

I went for a new beauty treatment this week to see the eyebrow guru Trace Giles, and I last have eyebrows! I also got sent some beautiful Laura Mercier makeup this week, a new foundation called Creme Smooth, that contains argan oil to help keep skin hydrated. It feels so soft on your face, and has great coverage without looking too heavy so perfect for those HD cameras!

Finally, I think the most exciting thing for me this week was finding myself sitting at the next table to… Johnny Depp! I have to tell you he really is as beautiful in the flesh, and after tweeting about it I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people wanting to know where I was! (Ping Pong on Great Marlborough St… just in case he happens to go back!)

I’ll be following the Yellow Brick Road all the way back to North London after next Tuesday, so until then I’ll be somewhere over the rainbow…


oh and ps , keep an eye on my twitter where I’ll be launching a competition next week for World Book day on 3rd of March!

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