Nearly out of the woods…

Hi all,

Been meaning to check in but have been pretty much living in the land of Oz so not a lot to report but…
I did some filming for ITV’s Tonight programme chatting to the lovely Miriam O’Reilly last Thursday, I received lots of of lovely messages about the things I said so thank you for that.
I’ve also finalised some book events for my Alana Dancing Star series and so hope to see you there!
I finally saw the Guardian Weekend piece I did a shoot for a few months ago – I’d almost forgotten about it! It was a great shoot with some amazing women involved – here’s the link if you missed it! Plus they put me in some fabulous dresses I never thought I’d have the confidence to wear – really fitted!
Last Saturday was the first proper run through of Oz and I was allowed to ask a very few close friends and family to attend who loved it and gave me really great feedback in time for the first official preview which was on Monday 8th and it went off without a hitch, a stitch or a glitch!  We had a great mini review in the Sun although it’s quite scary to think we are already being reviewed on our first preview! Thank goodness for having such a wonderful and hardworking team… However we’re not ‘out of the woods’ just yet and still working towards our big opening night on the 1st of March.
My makeup artist daughter Alana told me off the other day about my new white nail polish, saying it looked like I’d had an accident with some Tippex! I like to be a bit different sometimes, so she told me to try maybe a mint green or lilac – but no more Tippex and took the bottle away! Hmmmmm, might have to start locking the makeup draw from now on…
Also over the last few days my other daughter Abi has been filming a Come Dine With Me with her friends. They all took it very seriously with the cooking, decor and entertainment and her friend Tully is editing the footage for them all to have a copy which is such a lovely idea.  Even though she didn’t win her table was still the most beautiful in my eyes with all the amazing flowers she put together for the night, which are still blooming beautifully in the kitchen.
Monday was a fun day shooting the TV trailer for the new series of So You Think You Can Dance, but boy was it an early start! On set at 7am and not only was it super early it was super cold in an old unused gymnasium!  It’s always so lovely to see the other judges Nigel, Louise and Sisco so we all huddled together in the corner by the one little heater laughing at each other trying to do our best serious faces. I’m really looking forward to the live shows starting, I just want to get involved in what I love the most – dance!

Anyway, I hope your week is positive and productive, and that you all had a wonderful Valentines!

Much love to all
Arlene x

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