Chasing Toto

Hey all,

So as we get closer and closer to our first preview Oz is getting more and more exciting. I spend my days with flying monkeys wandering down the yellow brick road and quite honestly I have to pinch myself to believe it’s all real! The cast and creatives did some interviews with G2 magazine that should be out this week if you want some more of the inside goss…

I’ve also been doing lots of interviews with magazines including the Guardian Weekend and Yours about women broadcasters and an ITV special coming out soon, read and watch…

The NTA’s last week were exciting and I’m so glad Brucie finally got the recognition he deserves – although this year I was holed up in the theatre instead of swanning down the red carpet, and I have to be honest and say it was actually a welcome break not having to glam up! It’s always lovely to attend those events, but sometimes it’s nice to just be Arlene Phillips choreographer in my jogging bottoms and no makeup chasing Toto down the aisles.

This week I’m adoring 2 new things I treated myself to, a gorgeous Monsoon Boucle Zip dress – so cosy but still chic and great to wear for those little lunch meetings I find myself frequently attending, and the other… Yes you guessed it my amazing new hot pink Mulberry Bayswater I have been tweeting about all week! My fabulous PA Coco managed to track one down for me from Net-a-porter and it arrived on Monday. It really is stunning, and the envy of both my daughters!

We Will Rock You opened in Oslo at the end of January and I wish I could have been there but I heard the show was fantastic so a huge congratulations to all!

I think the best part of the past couple of weeks has got to be having my family visit me. I’ve had both my brother and sister and their partners down to London over th weekends and it has been so lovely catching up. It makes me realise how important family is in your life, and I just wish I had more time to spend seeing them.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend with the people you love in your life.

Love A x

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