Last blog of the year!

So it’s that time of year, out with the old and in with the new as they say, and what a year it’s been!
The past few weeks leading up to Christmas have just been jam packed with all manner of events. I was lucky enough to attend both The Pride of Britain Awards and The Sun Military Awards, both were truly humbling and inspiring evenings, and I felt very honored to be there. I had a great time choreographing the Wizard of Oz section for the Royal Variety show with 58 kids, 1 Toto, and the very talented Danielle Hope who won Over the Rainbow to play Dorothy. They say never work with children or animals, but let me tell you they all performed brilliantly!
Between photoshoots and interviews for the Guardian, the Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Own I’ve also been promoting EDF Engery’s Safe and Warm campaign and speaking out about new development’s in finding a cure for Altzheimers.
I had a very hectic two weeks filming all the auditions for So You Think You Can Dance to find our top 20, and what an exciting bunch we have! We spent the first week wrapped up in the warmth of the BBC, and the second freezing in thick snow at the Excel centre wandering through giant aircraft hangers to get from the dressing rooms to the stage and boy was it cold!
Starting rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz was also eventful as the dreadful weather made my drive to the rehearsal rooms in Clapham from North London a real trial! The snow also meant that I spent my first Christmas in London for 23 years, and although different it was absolutely lovely with my family all together eating, drinking, more eating, and then more eating!

So what does the new year bring? Well I’m still deep in rehearsals for Wizard of Oz, working on my next two children’s books in the Alana Dancing Star series as well as creating new collections for my clothing range with Marisota, my jewelry range for QVC and my VIE at Home makeup, the new series of So You Think You Can Dance, starts soon and who knows what else!

I hope that all your new year wishes come true, and you days are filled with love and happiness.

Happy Holidays
Love Arlene x