Hello again!

Hi all!

Well it’s been a really fun couple of weeks… In between trying to take it easy I’ve been here there and everywhere! I went up to Glasgow to film the Rhod Gilbert show, I didn’t imagine it was going to be as funny on TV as it was filming it – it was so naughty I couldn’t imagine how they would edit it! Saying that I watched it last monday night with my family in stitches all over again. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend any time up in Glasgow as I love the vintage shopping there, it was straight back on the sleeper for me.

I had a great shoot for the Daily Mail Weekend magazine, followed by a lovely catch up at the Kentish Canteen with all the other mums from my daughter’s old school. Although she’s 20 now, she was there from 4 till 18 and me and all the other mums still keep in touch just like we did every month while the kids were at school.

I took some auditions for the Wizard of Oz at Sylvia Youngs for all the kids we need to play munchkins and it was really exciting to see such amazing talent. Can’t wait to get rehearsals started…

I think my favourite part however has to be my trip to Harrods for a bit of Christmas shopping where I bought Whoopie cakes! They are every bit as delicious as I imagined, although I had to be good and only have the one, I could have quite happily could have stayed there all day! Anyone else tried them?

I bumped into Louie Spence yet again, our paths seem to constantly cross – not that I’m complaining mind, we always have a ton of things to gossip about and I spent most of the time checking out how fab his body is looking at the moment!

Anyway, that’s all for now… So have a fabulous and fun week whatever you’re up to!

Love Arlene x